Stars and Dinosaurs

Stars and Dinosaurs When was the last time you got a gold star for doing a good job? You work hard. You deserve some stars. Yes, just like when you were little. I did this recently and found it surprisingly motivating. Try setting a goal, and then make a chart to track your progress. Give yourself a sticker every time you take particular actions. You can use this method to track when you go to the gym, make business development calls, send out resumes, etc. This may sound silly, but it serves as a visual aid to help you stay focused on the goal, and it’s more fun than just crossing something off a list. When you accumulate a certain number of stickers, give yourself a reward. When I tried this, I used sparkly stars, hearts, happy faces and dinosaurs. Some days I wouldn’t want to do something, but would get motivated by promising myself a dinosaur. Now my friends often ask if an activity will earn me a dinosaur, or someone will comment that a particular activity ought to be worth at least two stickers! If you would like your very own ready-made chart with convenient sticker-sized squares, just sent me an email with the subject line “sticker chart,” and I will send you a couple different designs. I’m not kidding. It can take a surprisingly long time to create a good chart.