Accountability Buddies

One of the most effective ways to keep yourself on track with a new commitment is to get a buddy to check in with on a daily basis.  Most of us are pretty unreliable to keep promises to ourselves, but will go far our of our way to honor commitments to other people.  You don’t even need to have the same goal as your buddy.  You could be practicing going to the gym every day, while your buddy could be working on business development, or being more appreciative of his staff.  I recommend the following structure.  Set a specific time of day to talk.  The beginning or the end of the day generally works best.  The conversation only takes 5-10 minutes.  Take turns asking each other three questions.  1)  What did you do yesterday?  2)  If you didn’t do what you said, what got in the way?  3) What will you do today?  As an added bonus, you could practice acknowledging each other for your commitment.