Top Six List: A Great Tool for Planning Your Day

You can’t do everything. No one can. It is the illusion that we can (and should) do everything which prevents us from prioritizing and actually taking the actions that are most important. This tool from Accomplishment Coaching allows you to replace an endless to-do list with a focused list of priorities. Each day, take out a clean sheet of paper and create a Top Six List of your highest priorities for the day. It’s important to limit the list to six. Less important errands or phone calls can be jotted down at the bottom of the page. Then, plan your day hour-by-hour and include items from the list. As you move through your day, if you find yourself avoiding the top priority items, go ahead and do some of those less important items. Having gained momentum, you are in a better position to focus on your real priorities. Do not automatically carry over items from one day to the next. Priorities may have shifted, so start from scratch each day and make a new Top Six List.