Are You Using Your Time Well?

How much is your time worth?  If your hourly rate is $400, $200, $95 or even $35, why are you spending time on activities that are worth $10 per hour, such as managing your contacts, book keeping, cleaning your house, etc.  I know, I know, I do it too.  It feels like a hassle to find someone to do the work, or no one does it well enough, or it's something you procrastinate about, and then you are in crisis mode so it seems easier to just do it yourself.  Or maybe you feel that a “good mother” or a “responsible business owner” would do this task herself.  If this represents you, take a minute, go find a mirror and try to tell yourself with a straight face that this is a good use of your time.  If you are someone who finds cleaning or book keeping therapeutic and grounding, this is not directed at you.  Please continue as you were.  If you do not actually enjoy such activities please take five minutes right now to come up with alternatives.  Ask friends about resources, do a Google search or brainstorm.   Let me know how it goes.