How to Design a Powerful Project

Whether you are trying to find new clients, increase profitability, or finally start going to the gym one simple way to help yourself achieve the intention quickly is to write out a project plan.  The following are ten steps to create an effective plan.

  1. Set a specific and measurable goal, with a clear time frame. – Many of us aspire to get more of of the "right" type of clients, which is vague and, therefore, less powerful than a specific target like “sign a retainer agreement with one new clients who meets XYZ criteria by January 31”...
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Ode to Persistence

You may just need more time for the results of your efforts to start manifesting. So, when is persistence worth it and when should you just go home and eat ice cream? You first need to identify whether you are experiencing temporary setbacks or if there is a fatal flaw in your goal.

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