Business Development Coaching for Lawyers

Build profitable relationships based on mutual respect

Continuously attract new clients

Ask for business naturally and effectively

Generate thriving referral relationships

Cross-sell your services with ease 

Build a powerful brand

Being a good lawyer used to be enough.  However, the legal profession has changed, and now business development and marketing are crucial elements of the success equation. 

I work with:

  • Partners trying to increase their books of business;

  • Senior associates and of counsel who aim to become partners;

  • New partners who are former in-house counsel;

  • Partners who changed firms but lost some clients in the transition and are working on getting the momentum going again;

  • Junior or mid-level associates who understand that getting started early is a good investment; and

  • Partners who had great success in the past but who have lost their mojo.

Coaching and strategy sessions may encompass a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Creating business development plans suited to clients’ strengths and preferences;

  • Providing a sounding board and support structure as they navigate the implementation process;

  • Exploring new approaches to developing or leveraging existing relationships;

  • Finding time for marketing, through more efficient management of clients, staff, and partners;

  • Managing existing clients;

  • Asking for business;

  • Elevator pitches;

  • Determining when and how to fire clients or decline work;

  • Developing business opportunities in foreign countries; and

  • Adapting marketing and business development methods to a specific city or region.

Having worked with attorneys in a wide range of practice areas and cultural environments I can help you to craft a plan that optimizes your chances of reaching your goals in the shortest period of time. Most lawyers generally know what to do to increase business: focus on a specific niche, speak and write about an area of expertise, network, etc.  Like losing weight, it is simple, but often, not easy. Most people get caught up in one of two places. Either they have trouble choosing priorities or they have difficulty taking the actions. I help with both. 

Schedule an free 30-minute consultation to determine if business development coaching is the right move for you at this time.

Articles about Business Development

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Asking for Business: Tips but No Tricks Worried about pressuring the client or looking desperate?  Looking for the exact right words? Here is some food for thought.  


Turkish Riot
Does your sense of humor go out the window when tacking business development?  Do what the Turks do.

He Who Talks First Loses  
This simple but powerful approach will help you find high quality leads from networking events. 

Selling 2.0 - Helping is the New Selling
Do you dislike traditional approaches to selling?  Luckily there is another way. 


Dragons, Fire & Miracles 
Is your business development stagnating due to procrastination? Check out how one person shifted her perspective and got back in action.

International business development has some unique challenges.  Marketing yourself to the entire world just isn't practical.  I help you to turn your specialized knowledge and experience into a strategy that maximizes your results and ROI.    

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Promoting yourself as a neutral is distinct from developing business as an advocate.  I work with mediators and arbitrators to help them create a reputation that attracts their ideal clients and turns their passion into a profitable business.      

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Business Development Testimonials

Anna was an excellent coach who provided great advice in developing strategies to create new business, developing a practice group, and managing a group of professionals. Most importantly, she made me realize I could accomplish my goals in a manner that fits my personality and values. I would highly recommend Anna to attorneys at all stages in their career.”

Christopher Klug
Washington, DC

“Anna helped me develop strategies to focus and enhance my business development, but even more importantly, she helped me do it in a way that made me less stressed than I imagined possible. After working with her I was able to take my first vacation in years. Anna is an amazing coach and I would recommend her to anyone”

Deger Boden
Istanbul, Turkey

”Anna has helped me immeasurably in targeting my marketing efforts and utilizing my strengths to best advantage.”

Charles Sullivan

”Anna is a marvelous coach. I completely opened up with her and was able to work through some sensitive issues. I always felt completely safe. Her encouragement, purposeful yet gentle probing, along with her valuable ADR connections, tools and technique helped me find my direction at a major crossroads. I highly recommend!”

Stacy Alexander
Austin, Texas

”I’m getting real, concrete results from working with Anna. Anna helped me to design strategies for getting more business, communicate more persuasively with potential clients, and stay motivated on such targets. I have always focused on how to be an excellent lawyer, but Anna is helping me expand myself in other ways as well. Anna is knowledgeable about the legal market, in Turkey and elsewhere. Not only has working with Anna made a big difference for me professionally, it has also been an enjoyable experience. She is insightful and helpful in more ways than I imagined”.

Melis Koc
Istanbul, Turkey

“Anna's coaching sessions were very useful for keeping me on track and helping me to stay inspired. Work is always so busy that it can be hard to make time for the important things. Having weekly calls with Anna helped me to get more clients, and most importantly, to get more of the clients whom I really enjoy working with. Talking regularly kept me focused and we were able to address all of the many things that were pulling at my time so that I could have more energy for creating a practice that I really enjoyed.”

Melissa Lindon
Takoma Park, Maryland

Anna is a terrific resource for attorneys interested in advancing their careers. She is extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, and practical. If you are ready to explore your true potential, Anna should be your first call.”

Brenda Dutrow
Washington, DC

“I was no longer feeling motivated after my first few successful years of business and felt down about myself and my lack of drive. Anna helped me see that I'd grown beyond the goals that had initially inspired me. Together, we found that I still wanted to do what I was doing, but for new inspiring reasons! My passion was reignited and my inner-critic quieted. Anna also helped me to design and implement a structure that kept me focused on the big picture (rather than get lost in daily details) both in my work and personal life. The entire process helped me realize what gives me joy and gave me the space to experience that joy.”

Klia Bassing
Washington, DC 

”Anna is a great coach for lawyers. As a former lawyer herself, she understands the internal dynamics of law firms and yet brings an objective outside perspective. I think any lawyer would benefit from working with Anna because, regardless of your level of experience or expertise, she helps you to achieve the next level of insight and skill.”

Amna Arshad

“Anna helped me make the transition to a new career. She helped me sort out my thoughts and prioritize my goals for my new professional life. With Anna’s support and guidance, I was able to craft a life that works for me and provides the balance I was sorely lacking.”

Elisabeth Garbeil
Bloomfield Hills, MI

“I really enjoyed working with Anna. She asks useful questions that helped me to see situations in a new light. I'm pleased with the decisions that I made as a result of our conversations and I think that anyone would benefit from working with her.”

Bill Smith
New York, New York

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Representative Business Development Presentations

Asking for Business: Advice from In-House Counsel, ABA Women Rainmakers, February 21, 2018 (Webinar), Moderator.  See video here

Seven Common Mistakes Lawyers Make When Describing Their Practice: An Interactive Workshop,  Virginia Women Attorneys Association, January 25, 2018, (Fairfax, VA), Presenter.

Niche Marketing: How to Identify and Target Your Ideal Clients, jointly hosted by ABA Women Rainmakers and Women's Bar Association of DC, September 13, 14 and 19 (Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Tysons Corner, VA), Presenter.

Asking for Business: Pitching and Closing the Deal, Fairfax Bar Association, March 8, 2017 (Fairfax, Virginia), Presenter.

Generating Referrals through Networking, District of Columbia Bar Association, February 16, 2017 (Washington, DC), Presenter. 

International Law Forum Business Development Lunch: "Do Women Refer Work to Other Women?, Women's Bar Association of DC, January 25, 2017 (Washington, DC), Facilitator.

International Law Forum Business Development Lunch: "Toto, I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore": Negotiating Cultural Difference in the Context of Business Development, Women's Bar Association of DC, September 29, 2016 (Washington, DC), Facilitator. 

International Law Forum Business Development Lunch, Women's Bar Association of DC, July 13, 2016 (Washington, DC), Facilitator. 

Asking for Business Part 2: Pitching and Closing the Deal, District of Columbia Bar Association, June 22, 2016 (Washington, DC), Sole Presenter. 

Asking for Business Part 1: Initiating the Conversation, District of Columbia Bar Association, May 10, 2016 (Washington, DC), Sole Presenter  

Asking For Business, American Bar Association's Women Rainmakers Fall 2015 Local Program, November 4, 2015, (Washington, DC), Writer and Facilitator