Career coaching helps people clarify what they want professionally and design a plan for reaching that goal. The coach then provides support and accountability through implementation. A coaching structure is applicable whether a person is looking for a new challenge, trying to figure out his or her life purpose, or coping with a layoff. Below is a typical example of what may be covered over the course of eight sessions. The specific content and pace of an individual’s career coaching sessions are completely customized to that person’s needs and preferences.

Session 1 – Values
Look at the client’s life from a variety of angles and identify the ten values which are most essential to his or her happiness and satisfaction.  The client then ranks his or her top three career options, using the values list as a barometer.

Session 2 – Designing a Plan
Choose a career goal and design a plan for achieving that objective.  The project design format includes a vision, resources, skills, milestones, rewards, etc.

Session 3 – Completion
Consider what the client has learned or gained in the current job, identify what is finished or unfinished, make declarations about moving forward, etc.  This reduces drama and gets people grounded in reality from a powerful perspective.

Session 4 – Well-Being
Discuss the client’s relationship to wellness and self-care.  Create a plan to increase his or her level of energy and enthusiasm.

Session 5 – Breakdowns
Consider the difference between a problem and a breakdown.  Practice using breakdown tools to regain power and get back on track.

Session 6 – Making Powerful Requests
Examine preconceptions about what it means if someone says “yes” or “no.”  Identify requests that would have the highest impact on propelling the career project forward.  Practice having those conversations.

Session 7 – Trust and Faith
Explore the client’s relationship to trusting self, others and his or her own spiritual beliefs.  Consider actions he or she can take to strengthen a sense of faith and/or trust.

Session 8 – Moving Forward
Reassess the career project and revise as needed.  Ensure the client is complete with the coaching experience and set up to move forward powerfully.

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