Create and sustain strategic visions

Build extraordinary teams

Inspire others beyond what they thought possible

Persuade others despite fundamental disagreement

Create new leaders to follow in your footsteps  

Being a good lawyer used to be enough.  However, the legal profession has changed, and now business development and marketing are crucial elements of the success equation. 

I work with:

  • Partners trying to increase their books of business;
  • Senior associates and of counsel who aim to become partners; 
  • New partners who are former in-house counsel; 
  • Partners who changed firms but lost some clients in the transition and are working on getting the momentum going again;
  • Junior or mid-level associates who understand that getting started early is a good investment; and
  • Partners who had great success in the past but who have lost their mojo. 

Coaching and strategy sessions may include:

  • Creating business development plans suited to clients’ strengths and preferences;
  • Providing a sounding board and support structure as they navigate the implementation process;
  • Exploring new approaches to developing or leveraging existing relationships;
  • Finding time for marketing, through more efficient management of clients, staff, and partners;
  • Managing existing clients;
  • Asking for business;
  • Elevator pitches;
  • Determining when and how to fire clients or decline work;
  • Developing business opportunities in foreign countries; and
  • Adapting marketing and business development methods to a specific city or region.

Having worked with attorneys in a wide range of practice areas and cultural environments I can help you to craft a plan that optimizes your chances of reaching your goals in the shortest period of time. Most lawyers generally know what to do to increase business: focus on a specific niche, speak and write about an area of expertise, network, etc.  Like losing weight, it is simple, but often, not easy. Most people get caught up in one of two places. Either they have trouble choosing priorities or they have difficulty taking the actions. I help with both. 

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