Coaching Lawyers to Achieve their Professional Goals and Make a Difference
 in Washington, D.C. & Around the World


I coach lawyers on business development, leadership and career strategy.  My clients achieve concrete goals like bringing in new clients, expanding their firms, making partner, breaking into new practice areas, increasing profitability, dealing with office politics, and creating a better work-life balance.  I combine a deep knowledge of the legal industry, business development best practices, and management with 18-years training leaders and coaches in personal growth and development.  I use my knowledge to help clients with strategy and choosing the most advantageous approach to their business problems. However, the biggest challenge most lawyers face is not acquiring the knowledge or making the plan, but rather, in fine tuning their approach and overcoming obstacle to implementation. I am a sounding board and a strategic partner, helping clients gain clarity and achieve their goals.

Coaching Lawyers to Combat Implicit Bias


Women and minorities often have to work twice as hard, be more strategic, persistent, and resilient than their peers. Although most people are well-intentioned and not consciously motivated by prejudices, numerous studies have confirmed that unconscious biases have significant effects on performance reviews, perceptions of competence, trustworthiness, etc.  Lawyer coaching helps attorneys to respond in constructive ways to these challenges. 

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I’m getting real, concrete results from working with Anna. Anna helped me to design strategies for getting more business, communicate more persuasively with potential clients, and stay motivated on such targets. I have always focused on how to be an excellent lawyer, but Anna is helping me expand myself in other ways as well. Anna is knowledgeable about the legal market, in Turkey and elsewhere. Not only has working with Anna made a big difference for me professionally, it has also been an enjoyable experience. She is insightful and helpful in more ways than I imagined.
— M. Koc, Istanbul, Turkey
Working with Anna has led to more satisfied clients and a more pleasant work environment in our firm. We engaged her for both one-on-one coaching as well as group facilitation, and after working with her for about a year, the communication among partners is unrecognizable. We are aligned on a long term vision and our executive committee meetings are now much more productive and forward-looking.... Cross selling has increased by 67%.... I never thought we could achieve this much in such a short time.
— T. Johnson, Washington, DC
Every coaching call results in a clear outcome and provides clarity where it was missing.... My communications in my daily interactions with people have improved greatly and I am now willing to take risks and ask for what I want with ease and a new sense of freedom. And all this was accomplished inside the supportive, non-judgmental environment you have provided. I truly believe this is your calling in life, and your passion for making a difference for people shows! Not all coaches are as committed to their clients getting results time and time again like you are. So, thank you!
— A. Welsh, Falls Church, VA


Lawyer Coaching in Person, by Phone or Video Conference

My executive coaching clients from Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC may choose to come to my office downtown for in-person coaching sessions.  Others prefer to hold the initial meeting in person but do subsequent meetings via telephone or video conference. 

Special Niche #1: Coaching International Lawyers


In addition to general knowledge of the legal market, business development, leadership and strategic planning, I also have particular expertise with coaching international lawyers. Using my extensive international experience, I coach American lawyers with an international practice, American expat lawyers, as well as foreign lawyers located around the world, especially in the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, and Sweden, Turkey, Mexico, Peru, Brazil and the Caribbean.

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Special Niche #2: Coaching Mediators, Arbitrators and other ADR Neutrals


Mediator and arbitrators are faced with very different challenges than attorneys in regular private practice. I am very active with the American Bar Association's Dispute Resolution Section and have many clients who work in this field, so I understand the business landscape and ethical considerations, and can help you create a strategy for success in this competitive arena.  

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Special Niche #3: Coaching Lawyers on Partnership Issues


Business partnerships can be a source of deep satisfaction and financial rewards or they can be a miserable experience akin to a bad marriage.  Lawyers can benefit from partnership coaching at any point, from the formation stage up until dissolution.  This process reduces conflict by coaching lawyers to more clearly define their roles, responsibilities, compensation, origination credit, and other partnership issues.  I use a range of coaching, mediation, facilitation and couple's counseling techniques to help improve communication and resolve conflicting interests. 

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