Leadership Presentations for Lawyers

The following workshops can be used for internal training within law firms or other legal offices, as well as for women’s networks or other affinity groups. Each of the workshops below are highly interactive and intended to provide a practical learning experience.


Coaching Techniques for Lawyers

You like your partner, but his behavior is causing problems in the firm. 

Your associate is a good lawyer, but hasn’t been stepping up regarding business development. 

You are trying to change certain policies for the long-term well-being of the firm, but some partners seem irrationally averse to change.

Many lawyers get stymied when they come across situations such as these.  However, an introduction to coaching techniques can help you to connect more effectively with partners and associates and have necessary conversations in a way that is both meaningful and effective.  This highly interactive workshop provides a crash course in coaching principles, the opportunity to practice coaching using common real life scenarios, and reference materials that participants can use for years to come.  


Ten Point Leadership Inspection for Lawyers

Do you have difficulty getting the results you want from staff or other attorneys?

Are you having trouble staying focused on the things that are really important?  

Do you sometimes feel overlooked or not taken as seriously as you would like?

Although law firm dynamics and gender issues may exacerbate such challenges, these are really just typical leadership issues. Consider that if you are not getting the results you want, it is a sign that your leadership could use a tune up.  When your car starts making funny noises, you take it to a mechanic who may use a multipoint inspection to diagnose the problem. The Ten Point Leadership Inspection does the same thing for leadership skills; it is a systematic method for examining what works well and what could use some extra attention. This talk is appropriate for anyone aspiring to a greater level of effectiveness, whether she is hoping to make partner, run her own firm, or simply wishing to wield greater influence in her current position.  Participants will leave with at least three concrete actions that would expand their capacity for leadership.


Asking for Feedback: Access to Excellence

Asking for feedback is one of the most valuable actions one can take in order to achieve excellence as an attorney. Without truly understanding how others see our strengths and weaknesses we may waste energy and squander opportunities trying to fix things that don't need fixing or ignoring areas where a simple tweak could yield significant results.  Nevertheless, actually asking for feedback can be very intimidating, and this workshop provides the opportunity to discuss and address concerns about asking for feedback as well as to practice doing so in a gentle and supportive environment.  Those who are courageous and stretch themselves in this manner generally feel inspired and experience a new level of self-confidence and as well as a greater connection with those from whom they solicited feedback.  This workshop includes:

  • Strategies for setting the stage and enhancing the likelihood of getting meaningful feedback;

  • Frameworks for analyzing and possibly implementing feedback;

  • Specific questions to ask;

  • Nine reasons that asking for feedback enhances relationships; and

  • Numerous real-life examples of how simple feedback helped individuals and firms create happier work environments and achieve better business results.

In addition to the workshops listed above, we also offer a range of leadership programs for current leaders and future leaders which include modules on various leadership and management topics.

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