Business Development for Lawyers

As the legal market has become progressively more competitive, it is important that lawyers at every level develop the skills to bring in clients.  While some law firms still rely on on long-term relationships with institutional clients and others depend upon a relatively small number of senior attorneys to bring in the bulk of the work, the reality is that the long-term viability of a law firm is dependent on other attorneys learning and growing in this area.

Furthermore, associates, counsel and partners at all levels are well aware that their ability to bring in business will have a significant impact on their career options and income going forward.  Lawyers who don’t bring in business can get stuck in dead-end careers, or even lose their jobs and have trouble finding ones with comparable remuneration. 

Therefore, both individual lawyers and law firms have a significant stake in expanding attorneys’ interest in and capacity for business development.


Excellent legal skills used to be enough; but in the modern law firm, partnership usually also requires skill at bringing in clients.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a stereotypical sales person to be great at business development. It is more about building relationships and promoting your expertise in a way that is targeted and meaningful.

Individual business development coaching supports lawyers to plan and carry out an approach to business development that fits with their individual strengths and preferences.  


Our workshops can be used for internal training within law firms or other legal offices, as well as for women’s networks or other affinity groups. Each workshop is highly interactive and intended to provide a practical and entertaining learning experience. Topics include:

  • Seven Common Mistakes Lawyers Make When Describing Their Practices

  • Asking for Business Part 1: Initiating the Conversation

  • Becoming an Expert Networker

  • Client Retention: Using Feedback to Achieve Excellence

Business Development Strategy and Facilitation


How do you get a team to align behind a single business development vision?  How do you get them to communicate transparently in an area that is emotionally and financially fraught? This is where group facilitation can make a huge difference.  Our customized programs help your team to address the “elephants” in the room, create meaningful dialogue and strategic plans that are both inspiring and achievable. 

Please schedule a phone consultation to discuss your needs. You can use our online scheduling system or call our office number for assistance.


Asking for Business: Tips but No Tricks 

Worried about pressuring the client or looking desperate?  Looking for the exact right words? Here is some food for thought.  


Turkish Riot 

Does your sense of humor go out the window when tacking business development?  Do what the Turks do.


He Who Talks First Loses  

This simple but powerful approach will help you find high quality leads from networking events. 


Selling 2.0 - Helping is the New Selling 

Do you dislike traditional approaches to selling?  Luckily there is another way. 


Dragons, Fire & Miracles 

Is your business development stagnating due to procrastination? Check out how one person shifted her perspective and got back in action.