Outplacement Career Coaching Program for Departing Attorneys Including career coaching in a severance package generates good will among departing and current employees.  This program provides two to four months of one-on-one coaching, followed by weekly group coaching sessions the client may attend indefinitely until he or she has found new employment.

With the support of a career coach, a departing employee will have a better chance of finding new employment with another firm or business, which may ultimately lead to a new business relationship for the firm.  The intention of this program is to help attorneys clarify what they really want professionally, design a project plan for reaching that goal, and provide support and accountability through implementation.

Coaching clients are asked to identify what they will accomplish between one session and the next.  The coach checks in on the actions and works with the client to address any barriers that may interfere with accomplishing those tasks.  Some of the work between sessions is directly related to a job search, such as revising a resume or conducting an informational interview, while additional practices are designed to increase clarity and self-awareness.

The career coaching sessions are confidential.  The only information the coach will convey to the firm is whether clients are attending the career coaching sessions and if they seem engaged in the process.  The topics discussed and any personal information the clients may reveal will be held in strict confidence.

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