Wellness Coaching

Regardless of whether your focus is on leadership, business development or career,  one of the common side benefits of coaching is improved health and well-being.  Coaching is increasingly acknowledged as a method of reducing stress and increasing responsible self-care. Even health care plans, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, are beginning to offer benefits for certain types of coaching services. 

Stress is largely a function of how we relate to circumstances.  Coaching helps people reframe the way they see particular situations and create a context that leaves them empowered.  Initially Jane may be nervous and stressed about interacting with her boss because she sees him as a person who is impossible to satisfy and who enjoys making her feel stupid.  After working with her coach on this issue, Jane may reframe her view of her boss as a person who is committed to her intellectual and professional growth. Viewed from this new context, Jane may see interactions with her boss as an opportunity to learn new things about her field, and no longer a source of significant stress.

An important element of coaching involves supporting clients to take responsibility in areas where they have perceived themselves to be powerless.  Even under threat of serious health problems, many people feel incapable of taking the steps necessary to improve their health.  Coaching can directly address health or weight issues; but even when coaching does not specifically address health issues, clients often find themselves starting, or becoming more consistent with, existing exercise regimes; eating better; and generally acting more consistent with their values, goals and priorities.

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