Developing business abroad is somewhat different from marketing oneself domestically.  It takes more focus, resilience and flexibility, not to mention culture knowledge and sensitivity.  I have lived in Japan, Thailand and Turkey and worked with clients developing business in numerous cultures; so I have a deep understanding of the challenges lawyers face in this area.  I work with:

  • International lawyers who are trying to increase a book of business in their existing area of law;
  • U.S. lawyers who were raised abroad or have family ties in another country and are trying to leverage that background to develop business;
  • Lawyers with a successful domestic practice who are trying to break into the international arena;
  • Attorneys with a background in international human rights, social justice or economic development who are moving into law firm practice;
  • In-house counsel or government attorneys with international experience transitioning back to a law firm;
  • Lateral partners with an international practice who are moving to a new firm and seeking ways to make that transition most beneficial; and
  • Junior or mid-level associates who wish to move their careers in a more international direction.

Coaching and strategy sessions may encompass a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Defining a manageable niche in the international arena;
  • Creating a viable business development plan;
  • Effective methods for developing relationships when you can only visit a couple times a year;
  • Ways to be authentic while also adapting to the norms of another culture;
  • Striking a balance between following a plan and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise; 
  • Creating relationships with local counsel in foreign countries; 
  • Managing relationships with existing clients when there are different cultural expectations regarding time, hierarchy, power dynamics, et cetera;
  • Leveraging the power of word of mouth when you are 1000s of miles away;
  • How women can create business relationships with men in a culture that requires a lot of preliminary relationship building;
  • How to dress in a way that fits both your style and the environment you are visiting; and
  • Building resilience and persistence when results take longer than one would hope.

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