Anna helped me develop strategies to focus and enhance my business development, but even more importantly, she helped me do it in such a way that I am less stressed than I thought possible. I’m about to go on my first vacation in years. Anna is an amazing coach and I would recommend her to anyone.
— D. Boden, Istanbul, Turkey
I attended Anna’s Get Clients Now workshop through the DC Women’s Bar Association and found it very useful. The workshop provided practical tools and ideas on client development, and more importantly a concrete, and personalized plan. I highly recommend it.
— B. Aidoo, Washington, D.C.
I really enjoyed working with Anna. She asks useful questions that helped me to see situations in a new light. I’m pleased with the decisions that I made as a result of our conversations and I think that anyone would benefit from working with her.
— S. Zuvin, Istanbul, Turkey
Anna is an excellent communicator. She has prepared a tool for our sales team that makes it easier to follow reports. Also with the help of all sales staff a mutual vision was formulated. I would like to recommend Anna to anyone that is searching for a coach and or leader in various business situations.
— H. Bruin, Istanbul, Turkey
I hired Anna to lead a marketing workshop for the associates at my firm. It was well designed and provided a clear way for them to figure out what was missing in their marketing strategies. The plans they designed were effective and I am very pleased with the result. I would definitely work with Anna again in the future.
— D. Gilliland, Falls Church, VA
Anna, I want to acknowledge you for your innate ability to get to the heart of the matter in a way that truly makes a difference for me on our coaching calls…and in such a short amount of time. Every coaching call results in a clear outcome and provides clarity where it was missing. Even when I try to “skate” around an issue, your approach brings me back to the matter at hand and you are committed that I leave the call with the power and freedom to move forward in my life. My communications in my daily interactions with people have improved greatly and I am now willing to take risks and ask for what I want with ease and a new sense of freedom. And all this was accomplished inside the supportive, non-judgmental environment you have provided. I truly believe this is your calling in life and your passion for making a difference for people shows! Not all coaches are as committed to their clients getting results time and time again like you are. So, thank you!
— A. Welsh, Falls Church, VA
It gives me great pleasure to recommend Anna as an excellent leadership coach and masterful guide who enables you to find or reacquaint yourself with the brilliant dreamer that lies within to make integrated success a reality within your life. As a young associate, Anna worked with me as I was making huge leadership steps within my firm, client base, and community of colleagues to first recognize the leader that I already was to then use the core of who I was personally and professionally to take steady steps towards the lofty, but reachable goals I had. Within six months of weekly coaching sessions, every detailed goal that I laid out for myself for that time period was accomplished. Other successes that weren’t imagined also came with it including being selected as one of “28 Stories of Everyday Women Leading Extraordinary Lives”.
— K. Whitehead, Washington, D.C.
I absolutely loved working with Anna! She was extremely instrumental in coming me focus and get my firm off the ground in 2007. She is inspirational, supportive and smart. I would always recommend her as a Personal or Professional Coach.
— V. Bilanceri, Washington, D.C.
Even from my very first session with Excelleration’s Anna Rappaport I came away with a clear and doable road map on how to achieve a goal I’d previously thought impossible! I could physically feel the dissolving of limiting thoughts and tight places in my body. Fear sometimes still arises that I won’t be able to see the process through, but then I remember that I’m no longer doing it alone! With Anna’s ongoing support and insights, there has emerged a newfound self-confidence and excitement for life!
— K. Bassing, Washington, D.C.
Anna is a fantastic coach. She was incredibly effective at holding up a mirror to my life, allowing me to explore ways of unleashing my potential as a professional and as a human being. She inspired me to create goals and achieve results that I never would have dreamed possible.
— B. Dubin, Columbia, MD
There’s a lot of talk about transformation, paradigm-shifts, and whatever other term you want to throw in, but what use is any of that unless you really feel it deeply? So deeply in fact, that you can come back to it, again and again. Negative thoughts brought me down for a long time, but Anna’s coaching gets straight to the core, as if she’s giving you back to yourself.
— R. Richman, Washington, D.C.
I’m getting real, concrete results from working with Anna. Anna helped me to design strategies for getting more business, communicate more persuasively with potential clients, and stay motivated on such targets. I have always focused on how to be an excellent lawyer, but Anna is helping me expand myself in other ways as well. Anna is knowledgeable about the legal market, in Turkey and elsewhere. Not only has working with Anna made a big difference for me professionally, it has also been an enjoyable experience. She is insightful and helpful in more ways than I imagined.
— M. Koc, Istanbul, Turkey
In the first couple months working with Anna, I doubled my sales. Every time I talk with her I leave more inspired, energized and focused. Anna’s coaching helps you not only improve your marketing and sales bust also helps you with the management and interpersonal challenges that would otherwise drain your energy and take time away from expanding your business. I highly recommend calling Anna to anyone looking to maximize their potential. It’s the best decision you can make for your business.
— D. Tellibayraktar, Istanbul, Turkey
After 8 years at the same organization, I accepted a new position with a consulting firm; which was a breakthrough in itself. The pay package I accepted was satisfactory but I wished for more. Ordinarily, I’d accept what was offered me, but it was through Anna’s coaching that I went back to my new employer and renegotiated for more money and I got it.
— P. Willinger, Gaithersburg, MD
First of all, Anna is one of the rare people who worths to work with. She is systematic, result oriented, very well to see the big picture as well as the details. She is excellent to analyze the real needs of the coachee and works on these. She has a very smooth approach which definitely goes perfect with her communication skills. I would 100% recommend her as a coach.
— H. Dalagan, Istanbul, Turkey
Anna’s coaching enabled me to clear the stress and worry from my thinking and replace it with openness, listening and good planning. In a time of major transition at my nonprofit, I have been able to effectively galvanize the Board of Directors, hire my successor, and more than double our fundraising in the last six months—while planning the sabbatical I’ve always dreamed of.
— D. Gifford, Washington, D.C.
In her coaching, Anna was always a stand for me to be my best self. With grace, she pushed me to move past the traps that usually stop me and see what was possible for me. With her encouragement, I achieved breakthroughs in both my personal and professional life, with ease.
— J. Stapleton, Washington, D.C.

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