Leadership Coaching for Lawyers

Create and sustain strategic visions

Build extraordinary teams

Inspire others beyond what they thought possible

Persuade others despite fundamental disagreement

Create new leaders to follow in your footsteps  

Leadership is about having the skills, confidence and wherewithal to make your life and your career follow the trajectory and achieve the goals that you desire.  Without the capacity to manage yourself, your partners, staff, and clients, you will always be at the affect of external circumstances.  

I work with:

  • Managing partners

  • Office managing partners

  • Practice group leaders

  • Lawyers starting their own firms

  • General counsel and other in-house counsel

  • Individual lawyers trying to navigate, and make the most of, a new leadership or management role

  • Individual lawyers aiming to move into leadership roles in the future

  • Partners who recognize that leadership skills are critical to their ability to grow their individual practices

We address issues such as:

  • Strategic planning

  • Increasing profitability

  • Changing firm culture

  • Aligning firm policies and practices with the firm’s vision

  • Enhancing teamwork, transparency and collegiality

  • Managing staff, associates and partners in the face of rapid growth

  • Managing staff, associates and partners in times up upheaval or crisis

  • Gaining support for new policies and initiatives

  • Enhancing one’s reputation as a leader

You may also wish to check out the leadership programs we offer in law firms. Although those programs are designed for groups, we can cover the same type of content in individual coaching.

Articles about Leadership


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