Leadership Programs for Lawyers

True leadership calls on a person to be visionary, grounded, strong and steadfast, kind and caring, committed to others and the greater good but not overly self-sacrificing. Leadership calls on people to become greater than they were before, which is a beautiful opportunity but also a challenge. No one is a perfect leader, just as no one is a perfect parent or a perfect artist. All you can do as a leader is to continually learn and grow and strive to be your best. We have a range of programs designed to support lawyer leaders as they manage staff and partners, create new initiatives and strive to serve their organizations and communities.

This program is designed for young partners or senior associates who show strong potential as future leaders. It provides a way to tap into the talents of the next generation and navigate the continued evolution of the legal market.  Program goals include:

#1 — Creating a pipeline of leaders who have developed the skills to be able to effectively take on leadership roles in the firm when such opportunities become available

#2 — Empowering program participants to become more effective in their current roles in the firm

#3 — Enhancing attorneys’ level of investment in, and commitment to, the firm

This program is designed for lawyers currently holding leadership roles in their firms, including practice group leaders, executive committee members, office and firm managing partners and others who would like to expand the scope or effectiveness of their leadership. Program goals include the following:

#1 — Supporting law firm leaders create the next level of teamwork, collegiality and constructive discussion 

#2 — Assisting law firm leaders to align firm policies and culture with the vision and mission of the firm

#3 — Helping law firm leaders to enjoy their leadership roles and find ways to avoid burnout

Teamwork, Facilitation & Retreats

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Strategic alignment and meaningful, collegial communication are the hallmarks of extraordinary teams.  We work with law firms, in-house legal departments and government attorney’s offices on strategic planning, expanding teamwork and enhancing client satisfaction.

Sometimes the siloed nature of a legal practice reduces opportunities for teamwork, and yet every team benefits from tackling the awkward or difficult issues.  Our programs are 100% customized to your organization. 

Please schedule a phone consultation to discuss your needs. You can use our online scheduling system or call our office number for assistance.

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