Excelleration Conflicts Policy

This policy is intended to clarify expectations regarding confidentiality, specifically, with regard to business development. I sometimes have clients in the same practice area, and such clients occasionally target the same niche or could even be pursing the same business opportunities. While direct conflicts of interest in this area are rare, they can happen. When I work with clients, they are hiring me to help them develop the skills they need to be more successful at business development, NOT to help them acquire a specific client. With this in mind, you can count on me to comply with the following policy. 

Ideas - Although my focus is on asking questions and helping clients create their own plans, I do sometimes offer suggestions. If a client develops an unusual idea or method for pursuing business I will not share it with other clients.  However, if I have thought of that idea or method myself, learned about it from another source, or if it is commonly found in books and other materials about marketing, I may share it with other coaching clients. 

Direct Conflicts - If I become aware that two clients could be targeting the same company for business, I will let all affected parties know at the earliest practicable time, most likely at our next coaching session. Unless a different approach is agreed upon by both parties, I will ask my clients to start referring to their target companies by made-up or generic names, for example, “Accounting Firm A” or “The Whale,” while identifying specific contacts using only first names, excluding last names or titles. This way I can still provide support, without needing to know exactly who you are talking to or targeting.  Of course, any client having concerns about conflicts or confidentiality is welcome to take this approach from the outset, even when we are unaware of any potential conflict.

Communication - If unforeseen circumstances arise or either the coach or client has any concerns or discomfort related to conflicts or potential conflicts, he or she will communicate that concern at the earliest reasonable time.  We will both do our best to resolve any issues in a fair and equitable manner.

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