Leadership for Lawyers

True leadership calls on a person to be visionary, grounded, strong and steadfast, kind and caring, committed to others and the greater good but not overly self-sacrificing. Leadership calls on people to become greater than they were before, which is a beautiful opportunity but also a challenge. No one is a perfect leader, just as no one is a perfect parent or a perfect artist. Our jobs as leaders is to continually learn, grow and strive to be our best.

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Leadership is about having the skills, confidence and wherewithal to make your life, your career, and the organizations that participate in follow the trajectory that you choose.

It is about achieving your goals in collaboration with others and in a way that enhances satisfaction and personal connections. Anyone can be tasked with a leadership role, but true leadership requires delving deep and becoming the best version of oneself.  

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Our workshops can be used for internal training within law firms or other legal offices, as well as for women’s networks or other affinity groups. Each of the workshops below are highly interactive and intended to provide a practical learning experience. Topics include:

  • Coaching Techniques for Lawyers

  • Ten Point Leadership Inspection for Lawyers

  • Asking for Feedback: Access to Excellence

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Law firms need extraordinary leaders to not only chart a path but also to wrangle partners to align with whatever changes may be necessary.  Leading a law firm is extraordinarily difficult due to the flat organizational structure, the non-scalable nature of the billable hour, and the relative ease with which a partner can leave and take a significant chunk of business. 

We offer a range of trainings and facilitation from one-day retreats to year-long programs for current and future leaders.

Articles about Leadership


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Ode to Persistence
When is persistence worth it, and when is it time to move on? Here are some guidelines for making that decision.